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There is a bit of a nod to Andrei Tarkovsky in the video for PRAY, with its themes of memory and time. Some shots even pay a cheeky homage to his cinema classic Solaris. Check it out, it's amazing!  The video for Pray focusses on the coexistence of the past with the now; that because we are always experiencing the past through present memory, both are  ever-present.  Both exist in the now and are borne into the future. PRAY appears now in 2021 for the first time, 30 years after the track was recorded.


Photographed by Tony Owczarek, directed and edited by Michael Ormond Robinson and on-lined by the incomparable Ryan Brett at Manimal Post.  Extra special thanks to Anoük Robinson.

With the successful debut single SEESAW receiving extensive national radio play, Greenhouse made their national television debut on Countdown Revolution on ABC TV in 1990.

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