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debut album_centre of the universe

"The Soundtrack of Our Lives from Sweden, with a dash of fellow Scandinavians The Hives. There is a touch of Britpop jingle jangle and a dash of antipodean brute force pop (think of The Saints), but overall an unique and distinctive anthemic force to the sound". 

Arun Kendal Backseat Mafia July 2023


1ST SINGLE god-like

RELEASE_ART_greenhouse_GOD-LIKE_ pic-brian-lundquist copy.jpg

2nd SINGLE here i am

3rd SINGLE finally over


Anthemic choruses, glittering guitars, thumping drums, black outfits and a thousand yard stare with a hint of a sneer: it’s all you need and crave from music.Arun Kendal, Backseat Mafia




They dropped three top-ten Aus Indie Chart hits in the 90's...

and vanished. 

They reappeared courtesy of the Sound As Ever label in 2021 with the shimmering retrospective,Full Circlesand with sell-out shows accompanying it, reminded everyone just how brightly they sparkle. They are about to embark on a national tour with HAPPY MONDAYS and the long wait for their debut album is finally over with Centre Of The Universe dropping first in Australia before jetting to the UK to play the legendary SHIIINE ON festival in Minehead along with side shows in London, Brighton and Bedford and Coventry.


“The energy is amazing and the atmosphere unique…one of the richest voices we’ve ever heard. …This band has seriously amazing chemistry.” 

Fresh Finds, Bored City. dec 2022

"Here I Am delivers an experimental masterclass in song-writing ... a cutting-edge lyrical story...every riff inspires...a monumental track…triumphant.”

Right Chord Music UK feb 2023 






“(They) know how to fundamentally design music which hits the mind in such an evocative way. The guitar workmanship is flawless, and the lyrics conjure up fables which spark moments of clarity, and the band has seen the bitter times as well as the joyous days.”

Right Chord Music UK feb 2023

Following the tragic death of drummer Glen during COVID they teamed up remotely with Barny Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys_The 1975_Sam Fender) in the UK and Dylan Adams (DMAs) in Sydney and ...“have come up with something very special”. Jeff-Jenkins

greenhouse arrive at the right time, fully formed and with a debut album of cracking new material, bringing to light the unique, grand vision of a band whose time has come.





centre of the universe


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